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Pam van den Berg
- change worker - 
"That fucking good coach"

I help you change your brain so that you don't have that nasty automatic reaction anymore.

Fear of dogs, saying yes always and forever, being stressed out when you 'have to perform' or always arguing with your mother or partner are examples of brain habits (neural pathsways in your brain). It's not who you ARE. I help you change automatic patterns and reactions. Not on 'willpower' or 'persistence', but by giving the neural pathway in your brain different information.

Gecertificeerd door Ethical Coaching Collective en International Association of Counselors & Therapists
Trained by Melissa Tiers en Simone Seol.

My coaching is extremely impactful, and...

it's not rocket science.

It is a process of:

  • Learning to interrupt your current pattern that you are no longer desire (can you imagine the impact if you yourself are able to interrupt your urge for a cigarette, your panic about that spider or your endless spinning stream of thoughts at ANY moment? I teach you how to stop it IN the moment.)

  • Changing the neural pathway in your brain from that habituated pattern so that you don't even need the techniques from the previous point anymore, because the urge, fear, or automatic response no longer exists (can you use those techniques if you ever somewhere recognize a pattern that no longer serves you).

  • Meaning making. Gain understanding. Getting to know yourself even better and accessing the gigantic and infinite wisdom that you carry within you.

Examples of applications

  • food snatching

  • fear

  • blushing

  • pain management

  • fear of failure

  • nail biting

  • sexual issues

  • bad sleeping

  • stop smoking

  • stress

  • self confidence

  • fear of speaking

  • fear for dogs/spiders

  • nerves

  • performance pressure

  • overeating

Hey, I'm Pam

Pam beige met geel (1).png

Hey, I'm Pam and I'm fascinated by our human experience.

The good, the great and also the ugly.

Strange detours and 'coincidences' (I don't believe in coincidences) got me rolled into the coaching profession. The short version is that people started asking me if I wanted to coach them and I just started doing that. The longer version is that I had had enough of my work (technique, process optimization and data analysis) and that I wanted to work more with people. While I was starting my own business as a vitality and sustainable employability consultant (because then you can work with people), someone discovered that I am an easy sleeper and that I can also transfer that very well to someone who yearns for a better night's sleep. I followed that path and suddenly I was a sleep coach. Until people started to regret that they weren't a bad sleeper because they wanted to work with me haha. Coach, I felt that title didn't really fit me. In 2023 I trained as an Integrative Change Worker and suddenly my analytical, curious, strategic side came together with guiding people back to their wisdom, beyond their suffering (you have done that long enough) and opening the magic that you carry within you.. Now it all made sense!


I'm curious about YOU, about your unexpurgated version. Who, like everyone else, has brain habits, most of which serve you and some no longer do. But which is also the key to what makes you unique, what you have to give (everyone has that, so you too), how you have much more impact than you think.

I have preceded you in this journey. I know the plot twists, I've seen the other side...

And I happen to be a freaking genius with our minds, our bodies, and all the cool stuff in between.

Let's get things rolling!


1:1 coaching with me is for you if you:

  • intellectually know that some patterns are not (any longer) useful for you and you want guidance to actually change them.

  • know that there is more to you and would like to get past all those 'shoulds' and 'musts', your own and those of your environment.

  • want to express your uniqueness in collaboration wíth your nervous system and no longer against it.

  • want to know what YOU want and also want to know how you are going to get there.

  • want to have great success while prioritizing rest, joy, love and relaxation.

  • want to dress, talk, behave, run your business, raise your kids how the fuck YOU want.

  • want to feel more than enough even when you're inconsistent or changing your mind (OMG, horror, WHAT!?!)

1:1 coaching with me is NOT for you if you:

  • if you want someone else to lead the way.

  • if you want an accountability partner - this creates codependency and that is the opposite of the ferocious self-compassion and self-trust that I teach.

  • if you don't want to be open-minded about how you think, how our culture influences you and how that impacts your life.

  • if you've seen content from me and I'm not a person who appeals to you (no problem, but then I'm not your coach in this case).


Foto Nicole.jpg

Nicole Nijeboer

Pam continues to develop herself at a frantic pace and lovingly takes her clients along with it. This is how I was able to discover that nothing is impossible. So beautiful.

Foto Kelly Caresse.jpg

Kelly Caresse

I feel so much more relaxed in life. Make me less busy and therefore follow much more what I really want in life.

foto Aniek.jfif

Aniek Straatman

I have become more sure of myself. I don't 'shake' anymore, I know better and better what I stand for and what else I want. I also dare to say this out loud and take brave steps.

foto Pam.jpeg

Do you want to ask me anything, do you want me to speak at your online event, do you want to interview me, discuss possible collaboration opportunities or something completely different?
Let me know by sending an email to Then you will receive a response as soon as possible!

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